Wednesday, September 28, 2011

wednesday dinner 9/28/11

Bon Appetit Café Wednesday Special Dinner Menu

Moroccan Olive plate 5.75
Tortilla Espanol 5.75
Piyaz 5.95
Harira 5.95
Gypsy Soup 4.95

Ben Yeddar (middle eastern egg salad) 7.95
Cooked eggs chopped and combined with onion, green bell pepper, green chilies, cooked potato, fresh parsley and thyme, lemon, cumin, garlic, and a mayonnaise based sauce. Served with homemade flat bread and organic tomato

Italian Bread roll 7.95
Bread stuffed with roasted vegetables and cheese

Borak 7.95
Layered vegetarian fillo pie

Savory Bread Pudding 7.95
Homemade bread combined with egg batter, bacon, and fresh herbs prepared as individual
pudding cups with cream sauce and frised green tomato.

Creole Shrimp 8.25
Shrimp in a rich cream sauce.

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