Wednesday, February 27, 2013

thursday bon appetit

our swan song last two around the world dinners this is number 1

Welcome to Bon Appétit Café’s

“Around the World”

February 28, 2013

Greatest Hits

Rosemary Cashews and Roasted red pepper dip

French Mushroom Onion soup


French Rice Salad

Choose from the following entrees:
(Dinner price includes the first three courses. Dessert not included)

Cod with charmoula sauce
Flour dredged cod filet fried in olive oil and topped with a lemony cilantro infused sauce. Served with couscous.

Couscous Marseille
Carrot, peppers, pea, squash, tomato, onion, celery, and carrots braised in their own juices with saffron and lemon zest, served with couscous.

Chicken Izmir
Chicken breast rubbed with a savory paste(ground onion, walnuts, carrot, red pepper with lemon zest apple and pear) oven roasted served with couscous.

combo plate (any two entrees) 18.95

Thursday, February 21, 2013

dinner thursday 2/21

Welcome to Bon Appétit Café’s
“Around the World”
February 21, 2013
Sawyer’s Soul Food Extra
(collaboration with Chef Sawyer Jones)

Mom ‘s Cornbread

Dad’s Cajun Corn Chowder


Mom’s sweet potato salad

Choose from the following entrees:
(Dinner price includes the first three courses. Dessert not included)

Cajun Meatloaf
Jordandal ground beef, celery, green bell pepper, onion, and spices with homemade bread crumbs into a loaf with Cajun spicing served with cream sauce and mashed potatoes.

Fried Chicken
Chicken batter dipped breaded and fried served with creamy polenta.

Spinach Deep Dish Pie
Double crusted pie stuffed with mushroom, spinach, onion, and cream sauce served with creamy polenta

Rice stew (similar to paella) with shrimp, green pepper, celery, tomato, and onion spiced with garlic, basil, bay leaf, tabasco, lemon, and Worchester.

Friday, February 8, 2013

dinner and brunch weekend 2/8 through 2/10

Bon Appetit Café

Dinner Menu

First Course
Mediterranean Plate 6.75
Tunisian Paté 7.25
Plantain Chips and Avocado 7.25

Second Course
Cajun Corn chowder soup 5.95
Harissa Soup 4.95
Green salad 5.00
Ensalada Rosa salad 5.00


Grilled Salmon
Bering sea wild caught salmon wrapped in a grape leaf grilled and served with a lemon currant sauce and rice.

Mexican Paella
Shrimp, clams, mussels, and white fish with green pepper, celery, jalapeño, cilantro, garlic, and saffron simmered in a savory fish stock with rice.

Mushroom Pasta
Crimni mushroom sautéed, onion, and tomato spiced with garlic and herbs tossed with bow tie pasta and capers.
15.95 with meatballs 17.95

Grilled Pork Chop
Jordandal pork chops marinated in sauce (paprika/olive oil/wine) and grilled topped with a honey mustard sauce. side of mashed potatoes .

Spinach sautéed with onion, mushroom, and tomato spiced with garlic and lemon juice served with rice and yogurt sauce.

Bon Appetit Café


Chilaquiles Verde
Two eggs poached in a spicy green salsa over homemade tortilla chips. Topped with feta cheese and sour cream. Served with with ensalada rosa.

grEEn Eggs and ham SaM I aM
on a plate they would be great or here or there most anywhere yes I like them sAm i aM
Fresh cilantro pesto and bacon (or not) with whipped eggs. Served with your choice Potatoes or polenta .

Italian Scrambled eggs
Whipped eggs with grated parmesan, sour cream, garlic, and oregano pan sautéed served polenta or potatoes.

Spinach Pie
Fillo wrapped pastry with spinach, feta, onion stuffing baked golden and topped with yogurt sauce. Served with potatoes or polenta.

Shrimp Creole
Shrimp pan sautéed with green pepper and onion finished in a spicy cream sauce served with either polenta or potatoes.

Greg Mac Muffin
Bacon and parmesan whipped egg on homemade butter milk biscuit with secret sauce with potatoes or polenta

Corn tortilla wrapped black beans, avocado, cilantro, and jalepeno topped with a ancho chili salsa and feta cheese baked and served with ensalda rosa.

Cajun corn chowder 3.75/5.25

2 eggs any style with your choice of Served with potatoes or polenta 7.95 with bacon 9.95

Bon Appetit Café uses Organic Eggs from new Century and Jordandal grass fed natural meat products.

Coffee, or tea breakfast tea…………………$1.75
Orange juice ………………………………………………$2.80

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

valentine dinner menu for feb 14th

Meal is 45 dollars including dessert and complimentary champagne one glass of house red or white wine without wine 40

Bon Appétit Café

Valentine Week Dinner Menu

Tunisian Paté
Tapanade plate

Choose one

Tomato fig soup
Strawberry avocado salad

Braised Pork Chops with salsa Molé
Marinated jordandal pork chops pan seared and simmered in a dark chocolate infused mole salsa served with mashed potatoes.

Crimini Pasta
Crimini mushrooms tossed with, roasted walnuts leeks, and a savory tomato sauce topped with fresh grated parmesan cheese served over penne pasta. Or with sausage.

Creole Scallops
Scallops rubbed with spices pan seared poached in white wine finished with a savory creole cream sauce served with saffron rice

Chicken with mushroom cream sauce
Jordandal boneless chicken breast in white wine cream sauce with organic mushrooms and side of saffron rice.

Butternut squash, yam, tomato, onion, green and red pepper, , lentil, pear, apple, dates, apricots, raisins, and mild chilies, cinnamon, honey, saffron, mint, cardamom, and coriander. Served with yogurt sauce and couscous.


dinner thur feb 7 mexico

Welcome to Bon Appétit Café’s

“Around the World”

February 7, 2013


Guacamole and plantain chips

Corn Chowder


Ensalada Rosa

Choose from the following entrees:
(Dinner price includes the first two courses Dessert not included)

Mexican Paella
Shrimp, clams, mussels, and white fish with green pepper, celery, jalapeño, cilantro, garlic, and saffron simmered in a savory fish stock with rice.

Tofu, onion, and green peppers pan sautéed finished in a tomatillo sauce served over corn chips topped with sour cream and white cheese.
13.95 with chicken 16.95

Jordandal ground beef formed into meatballs (onion, cilantro, cumin, garlic, paprika) pan sautéed finished in a tomato salsa served with rice.

combo plate any two entrée smaller portions 18.95