Wednesday, September 2, 2009

wednesday menu 9.2.09 dinner

Bon Appetit Café
Summer Season Menu
First Course
Camerones (shrimp) en eschabeche 6.50
Marinated olives 4.5
Tomato Coulis and cheese with bread7.50

Second Course
Avocado strawberry salad 6.25
Green Salad 4.50
Ensalada Mixta con Aderezo de Aguacate 4.50
Mixed baby greens and tomato with a mayonnaise based avocado dressing
zuccihni soup4.75
Cioppino seafood soup 5.97

Pescado en Salsa Mojito Isleño
Sea bass rubbed with adobo and olive oil fried in a garlic and parsley butter and finished with a peppery tomato salsa. Side of rice and melon salad.

Fricassé Pollo
Chicken with potato, onion, carrot, raisin, olives, and red pepper in a savory rum infused salsa. Side of Rice.

Lentejas con Fruita
French lentils cooked with onion, garlic, pineapple, pear, and banana served with arroz Mexicano.

Fideos con avocate
Vermecilli pasta sautéed in oil combined with a tomato/onion/garlic puree and simmered in vegetable stock served garnished with ,avocado/queso blanco/and green bell pepper.

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