Friday, September 4, 2009

dinner menu friday and saturday 9/4-5/09

Bon Appetit Café
Early Fall Season Menu

First Course
Camerones (shrimp) en eschabeche 6.50
Marinated olives 4.5
Red pepper and basil cheese with crackers7.50
Queso Panela con Oregano 5.25
Roasted Mushrooms w/pinenuts 5.25

Second Course
Avocado strawberry salad 6.25
Green Salad 4.50
zuccihni soup4.75


Orange Roasted Wild Caught Salmon
Wild caught Columbia river salmon oven roasted with a honey orange/ lemon glaze. Served with rice.

Fricassé Pollo
Chicken with potato, onion, carrot, raisin, olives, and red pepper in a savory rum infused salsa. Side of Rice.

Lentejas con Fruita
French lentils cooked with onion, garlic, pineapple, pear, and banana served with arroz Mexicano.

Grilled Sea Prawns
Large sea prawns marinated in a citric sauce and grilled Served with sofrito salsa and Spanish potato salad.

Spinach, garbanzo, onion, tomato, and organic mushrooms pan sautéed with lemon, and spices at high heat by the order and served with a side of rice.

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