Monday, August 31, 2009

bon appetit cafe tuesday dinner Mexico

Welcome to Bon Appétit Café’s
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Tuesday, September 1 2009

Queso Panela con Oregano
A prepared white cheese marinated in oil and oregano and baked served with crackers
Sopa de Calabacitas
Zucchini soup with vegetable base and cream
Ensalada Mixta con Aderezo de Aguacate
Mixed baby greens and tomato with a mayonnaise based avocado dressing
Choose from the following entrees:
(Dinner price includes the first four courses. Dessert not included)

Fideos con Chorizo
Vermecilli pasta sautéed in oil combined with a tomato/onion/garlic puree and simmered in vegetable stock served garnished with fried chorizo,avocado/queso blanco/and fried mild chilies.

Enchilades de Mole
Tortilla stuffed with cheese, black beans, chicken, avocado, and cilantro topped with a dark mole salsa. Served with arroz Mexicano.

Lentejas con Fruita
French lentils cooked with onion, garlic, pineapple, pear, and banana served with arroz Mexicano.

Plato de Piscado
Seabass batter fried and camerones (shrimp) en eschabeche (shrimp marinated in a spicy sauce). Served with arroz Mexicano.

Tinga Poblana
Shredded beef and pork with chorizo in a sauce with tomatillo, ripe tomato, onion, and garlic and chilpotle pepper sauce. Served with warm tortillas and arroz Mexicano.

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