Wednesday, October 26, 2011

wednesday dinner

Bon Appetit Café Wednesday Special Dinner Menu

Moroccan Olive plate 5.75
Baba Ganoush plate 5.95
Asian Vegetable soup5.95
Cajun Corn Chowder 5.25
Caesar salad 4.95
Black Bean salad 4.95

Spinach stew with onion, tomato, and mushrooms spiced with cumin and lemon topped with yogurt sauce and served with basmatirice pilav.

Oven baked, layered dish with a polenta/ bread crumb/parmesan dough (with egg) layered with organic shitake mushrooms, caramelized onion, zucchini, and gorgonzola bechemal sauce topped with roasted walnuts and cheese

Red Beans and rice
Vegetarian dish with vegetables (onion, green, carrot, and tomato) and red beans cooked in a savory sauce with basmati rice.
14.95 sausage 15.95

Tunisian Tagine
Tomato, squash, peas, peppers, onion, feta, whipped eggs, bread crumbs, and spices baked in a tagine served with yogurt sauce.

Salmon Cakes
Pan seared salmon and vegetable cakes topped with aioli sauce. Served with basmati rice.

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