Saturday, October 22, 2011

dinner sat and sun 22/23

Bon Appetit Café

Baba Ganoush plate 6.95
Hot shrimp dip with pita chips 8.25

Second Course
Arugula salad 5.95
Arugula with poached pear/blue cheese/fresh raspberry dressing
Black bean salad 5.25
Cajun corn chowder4.95
Asian Vegetable soup 4.95

Roasted Salmon
Wild caught King salmon spiced rubbed and oven roasted topped with an orange glaze served with sesame rice.

Irish Shepards Pie
Traditional vegetable potato pie served with side vegetable.

Heather’s Cajun Meatloaf
Jordandal ground sirloin in a spicy oven roasted loaf served with roasted garlic and sharp cheddar Yokun gold mashed potatoes.

Honey Dijon Pork Loin Medallions
Jordandal Pork tenderloin rubbed with spices grilled and finished with a honey Dijon mustard sauce served with a side Yokun gold mashed potatoes and vegetables..

Tagine Marseilles
Carrot, peppers, tomato, squash, tofu, onion, pear, peas and broccoli cooked tagine style topped yogurt sauce.

Special desserts
Heather’s Key Lime Pie 7.50/ Celesta’s Flan6.75

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