Friday, August 27, 2010

friday saturday dinner menu 8/27and 28

Bon Appetit Café Dinner Menu
First Course
Cheese platter 7.95
Tostada 6.95
Hummus platter 6.25

Second Course
Lebanese cucumber salad 4.95
Tomato salad w/avocado dressing 5.95
Strawberry avocado salad 6.95

Sopa de Calabacita con Avena
Cream Zucchini soup with oatmeal and corn 4.95

Spinach, mushrooms, tofu, onion, lemon, and tomato with cumin and garlic served with rice.

Chicken Molé Enchilada
Chicken breast, onion, jalapeño and feta cheese with cilantro and fresh herbs wrapped in a corn tortilla topped with a dark salsa and cheese oven baked and served with a side of Mexican rice and chips.

Pork Chop
Jordandal farms pork chop marinated and grilled served with a tangy barbeque sauce. Side of Spanish potato salad

Grilled Salmon
Salmon wrapped in a grape leaf wrapped in a grape leaf grilled and topped with a currant lemon sauce. Served with rice.

Spicy Grilled Beef
Grilled beef tenderloin (marinated in Dijon mustard and spices) rubbed with a tangy ancho chilli infused adobado salsa . Served with Mexican rice and chips.

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