Friday, March 25, 2011

dinner friday 3/25/11

This is the meal to accompany the wine flights tonight meal alone 22 dollars 5 wine flight included 30 dollars ( for wine list scroll down)

Bon Appetit Café
California Wine dinner

Tapas plate
Apple cheese/mushroom paté/sundried tomato
On sourdough rounds

Second Course
Rose salad
Red cabbage/shredded beet/jicama/apple/red onion w/avocado dressing
Cajun corn chowder
Yogurt soup

Grilled Prawn Skewer
Large freshwater prawns marinated in a lemon/garlic/olive oil grilled and served with cream sauce and fried rice.

Braised Jordandal Pork Chop
Jordandal organic pork chop oven braised topped with a piquant aioli and served with piyaz.

Tabo’s Salmon
Atlantic salmon steak citric marinated sliced and quick sautéed with celery, onion, carrot, apple, and tomato finished in a soy/garlic/sesame/honey sauce served with fried rice.

California Primavera
Asparagus, green peas, tomato, spinach, and red bell pepper pan sautéed and spiced with basil and lemon zest tossed with linguini/parmesan and a hint of cream.

Beef Bourguignon
Jordandal sirloin tip roast simmered with carrot, onion, and mushrooms in a sauce infused with red wine and brandy. Served
with fried rice

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