Friday, July 22, 2011

dinner friday and saturday 7/22/23

Bon Appetit Café
Marinated olive plate 5.95

Second Course
Strawberry avocado salad 4.95
Coconut Melon soup 4.95
Asian Vegetable soup 5.95

Brazillian Oven roasted wild caught salmon
Salmon marinated in a citric sauce coated with a sweet dry chili rub and roasted finished with an orange sauce.

Jordandal Sirloin Burger
Jordandal Sirloin beef spiced and pan sautéed topped with lettuce and tomato on Madison sourdough bread. Served with potato salad or piyaz.

Spinach, tofu, mushrooms, walnuts, onion, lemon, and tomato with cumin and garlic served with brown basmati rice and yogurt sauce.

Faux Asian Pasta
shitake mushrooms, bok choy, bell pepper, carrot, and pan sautéed and tossed with linguini in savory asian influenced sauce.
Vegetarian 13.95 with shrimp 16.95

Shrimp Moquica
Shrimp done with green pepper and red pepper, onion, squash, coconut milk and natural juices.

African Chicken (sub-Saharan)
Jordandal Chicken oven browned and finished in a sauce of tomato, hot pepper, ground nuts, and onion. Served with plantain.

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