Wednesday, August 12, 2009

wednesday dinner 8/12

Bon Appetit Café
Summer Season Menu

First Course
Tomato Coulis and cheese with bread
Second Course
Green Salad 4.50
Kisir salad 4.75
Turkish Yogurt soup4.75
Middle eastern vegetable 4.75


Low Country Rice
Large shrimp, chicken, wild caught salmon and red snapper, red /green pepper, onion, leek, fresh parsley, and tomato in a rice stew from the Carolina coast.

Grilled Salmon
Wild caught sockeye salmon wrapped in a grape leaf wrapped in a grape leaf grilled and topped with a champagne currant sauce sauce. Served with pilav.

Chicken Kebap
Chicken in lemon, cumin, and yogurt marinade grilled and with served with grilled vegetables and pilav .

Sultan’s Börek
Eggplant, onion, green and red pepper, with tomato all roasted and combined with herbs and walnuts layered with fillo dough and baked golden . Served with rice pilav and yogurt sauce.

Grilled Jordandal Ribeye Steak
Jordandal Ribeye steak marinated with marsala wine, soy, and herbs and grilled served with a spicy red sauce and rice.

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