Friday, November 26, 2010

dinner black fri and saturday 11/26-27

Bon Appetit Café Dinner Menu
First Course
Tapanade Plate 6.25
Hummus Plate 6.25

Second Course
Red salad 6.95
French onion and mushroom soup 4.95

Spinach, organic shitake mushrooms, onion, lemon, and tomato with cumin and garlic served with flavored rice.

Jordandal Pork Chop
Jordandal farms pork chop marinated in white wine with garlic/paprika/salt and pepper grilled and topped with a spicy adobado salsa a side pan seared potato.

Valencia Gypsy Stew Carrot, onion, peppers, yam, squash, white beans, and red lentils braised in their own juices with infused paprika. Served with yogurt sauce.

Red Snapper in wine and Herb Sauce
Red Snapper steak pan seared in butter and oil with garlic and poached in wine sauce with fresh Thyme. Served with Bon Appetit Mac and cheese.

Turkish Bouillabaisse
White fish, shrimp, and Black mussels, onion, leeks, carrots, and tomato in a savory sock with a special red bay paste.

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