Friday, September 24, 2010

dinner fri and saturday 9/24-25

Bon Appetit Café Dinner Menu
First Course
Empanada with meat 7.95
Green Tapenade platter 6.25

Second Course
Tomato salad with walnuts and avocado dressing 5.95
Piyaz salad 5.25
Chorba soup 4.95
Ginger Carrot soup4.95

Spinach, mushrooms, tofu, onion, lemon, and tomato with cumin and garlic served with rice.

Black bean stew
Variation of a staple in several countries black bean stew with celery, green pepper, carrot, onion, garlic, cilantro, and hot peppers. Served with rice.

Morrocan Beef
Marinated beef tenderloin pan sautéed with raisins, apples, and onion finished in a dark sauce with cinnamon and garlic. Served with couscous and yogurt sauce.

Tomato, yam, pear, mango, carrot, squash, red pepper, and green pepper in a spicy coconut milk/ vegetable stock base. Served with rice

Caribe Chicken
Chicken breast marinated with dark beer pan seared with green banana, Pineapple, bay leaf, onions, and herbs. Served with rice.

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