Friday, February 26, 2010

fri saturday dinner menu 2/26-27

Bon Appetit Café Dinner Menu

First Course
Humus plate 5.95 Carr Valley Cheese plate 7.25
Tapanade 6.50

Second Course
Grilled Vegetable salad 4.75 Tomato (with queso fresco) salad 6.95 Plantain soup 4.50
Black Bean Soup4.50


Shrimp with mango salsa
Pan seared tilapia with a fresh mango salsa, and coconut milk, and served grilled vegetables and special rice.

Moroccan Tagine
Eggplant, carrot, peppers, yam, tomato, butternut squash, date, apricot, apple, pear, and lentil braised in their own juices with spices (cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg) tagine style topped yogurt sauce. Served with couscous

Fricassé Pollo
A stew of chicken with potato, onion, carrot, raisin, olives, and red pepper in a savory rum infused tomato salsa.

Roasted Pork Tenderloin
Oven roasted pork tenderloin rubbed with fresh oregano paste sliced and served with arroz con gandules.

Pinón (vegetarian)
An oven baked dish with layers of fried plantain, tofu and bean mixture with chilies, onion, and garlic, and hard cooked eggs with diced dried fruit topped with a tomato sauce.

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