Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2 special thursday nights

June 17th special guest Chaitnya Lakkimsetti
south indian cuisine ..combination plates for 16 dollars including: yellow dal, sambar dal, pakora, okra and coconut, chicken curry, shrimp curry, lemon rice and more..forewarned these meals are authentically spiced..

Bon Appétit: Laurel Glen Winery
June 24, 2010 with Arya Campbell
includes wine/cheese/buffet 30 dollars
About the winery:
Laurel Glen is divided into three regions: Sonoma Mountain Estate Cabernet, California Heartland Reds, and Argentine old vine cabernet and malbec from the province of Mendoza.
Each region is comprised of two wines: special lot selection and vineyard blend. Vineyards are sustainably farmed and winemaking is traditional and non-interventionist. All Laurel Glen wines reflect their vineyard origins, and are consciously made to favor depth and complexity over fruit-forward expression.

Sonona Mountain Estate: Patrick and Faith Campbell began farming Laurel Glen in 1977. The vineyards, most of which were replanted in 1968, now encompass some 35 acres in 9 contiguous blocks on the red, rocky, volcanic eastern facing slopes of Sonoma Mountain at the 1000' elevation above Glen Ellen. Average yield in these sparse soils is 1.5 - 2.5 tons per acre. Farming is organic and meticulous. Laurel Glen and Counterpoint are 100% cabernet sauvignon. Our guest tonight is Arya Campbell, Patrick’s and Faith’s daughter. This is truly a family run winery!

The Wines
2007 Chevere Cabernet Sauvignon, Colchagua, Chile: $10
After producing some of California’s most highly sought after cabernets from its vineyards on Sonoma Mountain for twenty years, Patrick Campbell of Laurel Glen Vineyards took an exploratory trip to Chile in 1995 and liked what he saw. Making limited production (and hence, relatively expensive) wine had its charms; but Campbell, whose lifetime fascination with Che Guevara reveals a stubborn egalitarian streak, yearned to produce a more populist wine. He realized that the Colchagua region, in the shadow of the mighty Andes, could produce a delicious and lively cabernet. The result was Terra Rosa, which has gained a well deserved reputation for honesty, affordability, and environmentally conscious farming practices. While Patrick was searching the farther reaches of the Chilean and Argentine wine worlds, one of his daughters, Maia, was engaged in setting up legal mediation centers in the Guatemalan highlands, and through her work had encountered the Lambi Fund. Patrick was intrigued. Why not draw on his Terra Rosa contacts to develop a wine that not only tastes good but does good? Patrick ran the idea past his old friend and business partner Tim Chegwidden, an economist with broad experience in the international wine trade. Tim was as excited as Patrick. Thus was born Chévere, a modest contribution to wine lovers with a social conscience. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this rich and deep cabernet will be donated to the Lambi Fund to support their vital work. Salud! Chévere!: In the southeast corner of the Colchagua Valley lies one of the few actual hillside plantings in all of Chile; Chévere! begins here on its steep and rocky slopes. While Chévere! is full with the soft and delicious texture we associate with Chilean cabernet, its higher level of color, tannin, and fruit concentration underscore its hillside origin. This is a delicious wine to serve with pastas, meats, pizza, robust cheeses, and with any other hearty foods.

2007 Terra Rosa Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina: $12
Two thousand and seven marks our TENTH ANNIVERSARY in Mendoza, and what a wine to mark it with! The long and relatively cool vintage afforded us a dark black and lush, but beautifully defined and minerally, malbec. Violets, licorice, and dark berries are bright in the mouth. Terra Rosa is always both dramatic and supple, with a burst of complex and deep fruit up front and an intriguing lightness in the finish (this combination of depth and lightness is what, I think, makes malbec so attractive), and the 2007 vintage is true to form. As always, Terra Rosa goes beautifully with grilled meats and dishes with fully defined flavors. Naturally, its most perfect match is with a local favorite: pasta primavera a la guitarra! Buen provecho!

2007 Tierra Divina Malbec, Valle de Uco, Mendoza, Argentina: $15
Mendoza is divided into two distinct growing regions: Luján in the north, and the Valle de Uco in the south. As you progress south from Luján the landscape becomes sparser, the soil rockier, and the wines more intense. While we farm vineyards in both appellations, we have developed a particular fondness for the remote southern reaches of the Valle de Uco. Some 120 kms south of the city of Mendoza, the vines simply run out of soil. From here, the high plains extend, unplanted, down to Patagonia. On this margin lies our San Carlos vineyard, which grows amazingly deep and dark fruit, powerful, and structured. Just twelve kms north of here is our La Consulta vineyard, the source of a softer and rounder, complex wine. Both vineyards are situated close to the base of the Andes, at 1000 meters of elevation. Both have thin reddish soils underlain by deep channels of alluvial stones, and both were planted in the 1930s with the low yielding small leaf clone of malbec. Tierra Divina is an expression of the Valle de Uco: very dark; deeply fruited with ripe, dense plum and cassis fruit; complex and fragrant and exotic, with a beautiful long finish. And like the best malbecs, its power is tempered by a haunting lightness in the mouth.

2007 ZaZa Zinfandel, Lodi, California: $17
Let's just begin by stating that the 2007 !ZaZin is the best !ZaZin we have ever produced. Like many of the current batch of zinfandels, it checks in with a pretty hefty alcohol level: 15.5%. But unlike many of the others, it is bone dry, and appears light in the mouth, despite its deep, dark red fruit tones, and because of its inherent balance. This level of alcohol is quite atypical for Laurel Glen wines; but the vintage made us do it! We simply waited to harvest til early October, when the acidity finally came into balance and the fruit developed a level of complexity that we have never experienced before from this vineyard.

2007 Reds, Lodi, California: $10
Composition: zinfandel (40 – 80 years old) 60%; carignane (118 y/o) 30%; petite syrah ( 20 y/o) 10%. The 2007 REDS was fully ripened, beginning with the zinfandel in mid-September and ending with the carignane in early October. It's dark, spicy, and powerful; but it's equally fresh and delicious, with enough natural acidity to invite another glass. This is not a ponderous monster, but rather a large-scaled and graceful wine that matches beautifully with full flavored foods!

2005 Laurel Glen Counterpoint Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonona Mountain, California: $28
“I've really been enjoying this wine recently. Unlike so many cabernets these days, which are impressive in the first glass, this wine invites a second glass. It's rich but focused, deep but vibrant, full but with a mineral cut. In short, it's a cabernet that actually tastes good with food, and that's the way we intended it to be! As usual, this Counterpoint is mellowed by twenty-two months’ ageing in mostly new French oak barrels. Modest cellaring should bring out some of its subtleties, but it's blended to be enjoyed now, so why wait?” – Patrick Campbell

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