Monday, March 30, 2009

Brunch Menu Tuesday March 31st
Hungarian Scrambled eggs
Eggs whipped and scrambled with hungarain lescó(sautéed sweet pepper, onion, and tomato sauce). Served with fruit either polenta or potatoes.
Strawberry /Mango Crepe
Thin pancake wrapped around fresh strawberries and mango with whipped cream topping. Served with fruit either polenta or potatoes
Cajun Hash
Sausage, bacon, potato, green pepper, leeks, onion, and Cajun spices fried and tossed with two whipped eggs. Served with a side of green salad.
Shepard’s Pasta
Penne pasta chopped and combined with ricotta cheese, provolone cheese, roasted crimini mushrooms, wilted spinach, and onion topped with bread crumbs and parmesan cheese baked until bubbling and served with a Greek salad.
Circassian Chicken Pita
Roasted chicken breast shredded and combined with apple, red onion, shredded carrot, and celery spiced and refried served on pita bread with lettuce and tomato side of fruit salad or potatoes.
Chilaquiles Verdes
Two eggs poached in a spicy green tomatillo salsa over homemade tortilla chips topped with feta cheese and sour cream. Served with a fresh fruit salad.
An oven-baked dish with chopped potato, whipped eggs, feta cheese, onion, garlic, and leeks. Served with fruit either polenta or potatoes.

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