Thursday, November 8, 2012

dinner thursday nov 8th faux asian

My experiment with asian cooking by request with a tip of the hat to Tabo Kobayashi and Sharishi

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November 8, 2012
Faux Asian

Faux Greg egg rolls

Faux Asian egg drop
An egg drop soup with scallions and tofu.

Bean salad with rice wine vinaigrette

Choose from the following entrees:
(Dinner price includes the first three courses. Dessert not included)

Faux Asian Shrimp Pasta
Shrimp sauteed with garlic, asparagus, onion, and carrot finished in a honey lemon soy sauce and tossed with pasta.

Greg’s Faux Grilled Pork Chop with Pineapple sweet and sour sauce
Jordandal pork chop marinated and grilled topped with a homemade pineapple sweet and sour sauce served with pan seared bok choy and potato cakes.

Faux Asian Vegetables
Pan sautéed broccoli, onion, carrot, celery, red and green bell pepper, button mushrooms, and tofu with sesame/ garlic/honey sauce. Served over sesame fried rice.
13.95 with chicken 15.95

Tabo’s Salmon
Pan sautéed Bering sea salmon with carrot, onion, pear, tomato, and ginger finished in a sesame/ honey soy sauce served with fried rice.

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